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Posted by Glenn Hamilton on

Most of our Outback 4x4 exhaust systems are supplied with a 200 cell High flow Catalytic Converter ( commonly known as a cat ) where required by Australian Emission Laws. We also offer the option to buy a "No cat" system. 

The difference between a NO Cat system to a Cat system option reduces the price of one of our Outback systems by $60 . Some manufacturers charge a lot more for their cats - up to $385 - we all buy similar cats but some want to add a huge margin to the cost.

A Catalytic Converter resembles a small muffler - the outer body is Stainless Steel while inside is a honey combed ceramic or metal block than contains precious metals - Rhodium, Palladium & Platinium. These metals cause a chemical reaction with the exhaust gases which changes them - the result is the gases will still kill you if inhaled but are better for the environment !

Considerations when choosing which way to go Cat or No Cat :

  1. The difference in performance between the two is negligible - if you dyno'd both you would see very little difference in power & torque.
  2. Australia Emissions laws require a catalytic converter to be fitted in an aftermarket performance system if the vehicle initially had one in the factory system. Going for a No Cat system is not legal & could result in the owner/driver being defected & fined. Catalytic Converters were originally introduced in Australia in 1986.
  3. If you for a No Cat and then need to get a Roadworthy or Blue Slip, etc you will need to have a Catalytic Converter in your vehicles exhaust system - you have two options : you can buy a bolt on Cat assembly from us to replace the No Cat Assembly.  These assemblies vary in price but may be as much as $350, plus freight. Alternatively you can buy a universal cat & have it welded in to your system. Universal cats cost around $125


We recommend buying  an exhaust system with a high flow Catalytic Converter , hopefully one of our Outback Exhausts as we do not add a huge margin on to the cats we use. 

This will save you any inconvenience or possibility of a fine if caught with a No Cat system... just not worth the risk.

But the final choice is yours - we offer both with & without cats. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish further information

Outback Exhausts

1300 858 857 

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