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Our Options program allows you to customise some features of an Outback 4x4 Exhausts system.

All our systems are made out of 409 Stainless steel pipework : 409 Stainless Steel is a titanium stabilised ferritic material which means it is a steel alloy containing chromium. It contains less nickel and more carbon than 304 stainless steel. Ferritics are best suited for high temperature applications that require corrosion resistance and high strength. 409 is the most common material used for modern automotive exhaust systems and catalytic converter shells. It is more workable, more stable & is more tolerant to heat cycling ("hot one minute, cool the next" heat cycle) than 304. 409 resists both atmospheric and exhausts gas corrosion. It is magnetic due to its higher carbon content. 409 is easier to repair than 304 should you damage a part. All our 409 stainless steel systems carry a 5 year warranty.

Through chemical reaction 409 can oxidize to a slight brownish hue which aids in corrosion resistance - we always paint our Outback 4x4 systems with a heat resistant paint for added protection. Most manufacturers simply paint weld joins, flanges & brackets - WE PAINT THE WHOLE SYSTEM FOR ADDED PROTECTION.

Where applicable we offer some options including :

* With High Flow Cat or Without Cat 

We recommend selecting a system with a Catalytic Converter - we use 200 High Flow diesel specific converters for optimum flow. If you go for a "No cat" system you may make your vehicle non compliant with Australian emissions regulations, depending upon the age of the vehicle. This can lead to being defected & fined for your vehicle being non compliant.

* No Muffler, Resonator or Large Muffler                                                                                          

Selecting a sound option depends upon your preference & the vehicle you have. A No muffler system will in most cases be very loud - the exception to this is DPF Back systems. A resonator usually offers a mid tone note  & a Large Muffler a quiet note. Most of the mufflers we use are of a straight through design for optimum  flow & heat dissipation. The 3 sound options we offer are not available on all our models.  If in doubt please call us so we can run through the options for your 4x4 with you!

* Tail Pipes                                                                                                                                     

Depending on the vehicle we may offer a variety of tail pipe options, side exit, twin exit, Cerachroming etc


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