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Factory Direct 4x4 Exhausts initially started up in business manufacturing 4x4 exhausts for other exhaust manufacturers & distributors in Australia. We were the original designers and manufacturers of Redback's Offroad Exhausts range - a quality product sold throughout Australia via their Proex Distributor network. As our industry changed we launched our own brand in 2014 - OUTBACK EXHAUSTS for sale direct to the retail & trade sectors.

Outback Exhausts specialises in 4x4 exhausts, our comprehensive range includes most of the latest models and extensive list of older 4x4's models - over 235 applications in total. It is a quality, well designed and engineered product available at an affordable price. Our range is manufactured out of 409 Stainless Steel. All our systems are painted with a quality heat resistant paint for added protection. 409 will not rust but can oxidise leaving a brown coloured exterior finish.

Unlike most Australian 4x4 exhaust manufacturers we offer 2.5", 3" & 3.5" systems plus our recently introduced 4" DPF Back system to suit 79 Series Landcruisers ! Dependent on the vehicle model we offer Turbo Back, Manifold /Extractor Back & DPF Back. Options include with & without 200 cell High flow Catalytic Converter, sound options include straight pipe, Resonator or Large Muffler. Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss your requirements - 1300 858 857 

409 STAINLESS STEEL - 5 YEAR WARRANTY On EXHAUST SYSTEMS - excluding Extractors ( 10 YR for 4" Ceramic Coated systems ) 

409 Stainless Steel is a titanium stabilised ferritic material which basically means it is a steel alloy containing chromium. It contains less nickel and more carbon than 304 stainless steel. Ferritics are best suited for high temperature applications that require corrosion resistance and high strength. 409 is the most common material used for modern automotive exhaust systems and catalytic converter shells. It is more workable, more stable & is more tolerate to heat cycling ( "hot one minute, cool the next" heat cycle ) than 304. 409 resists both atmospheric and exhausts gas corrosion. It is magnetic due to its higher carbon content. 409 is easier to repair than 304 should you damage a part. Our 409 systems carry a 5 year warranty, except for our 4" Ceramic Coated systems which have a 10 year warranty.

Through chemical reaction 409 oxidizes to a slight brownish hue which aids in corrosion resistance - we always paint our Outback 4x4 systems with a heat resistant paint for added protection. Most manufacturers simply paint weld joins, flanges & brackets - we paint the whole system .

The owners & staff at Factory Direct 4x4 Exhausts have many years experience in all aspects of 4x4 exhausts, we are proud of the quality of the systems we manufacture in our Brisbane factory and work hard to offer our customers, both trade & retail, a high level of customer service. 

Please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 858 857 if you have any questions or would like to place your order over the phone

The Outback Team